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I keep getting asked this question…  “How am I squeezing in what I’m currently doing?”

So this week I’m going to take you behind the scenes and give you a sneak peak of how things happen in Keith World.

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Hi, I’m Keith McEvoy, CEO of Success That Works and founder of SuperCharge Academy. Right, so this week, this is a question I keep getting asked. I got asked actually four, five times so far, this week. Here’s a little special thing for you.

I’m actually going to answer the question on video that I keep getting asked from everyone around me, right?

It’s how am I squeezing in what I’m currently doing? If you follow me, you know what I’ve probably got going on in my life.

I have, at the moment, I’ve got two part-time jobs that are both three days a week, hmm, yeah, figure that one out.

Plus, I’ve got my own business going, plus I’ve got lots of other stuff in the community, so scouting, parents’ association, a really cool school, and all that, and I’ve got three kids and a family, and all that type of good stuff going on.

The question I keep getting asked is, “Yeah, but how do you do it? How come you’re squeezing this in?

It makes no sense.

Right, it makes no sense.

You’re a corporate guy from a corporate world, you know the rules about doing these types of things.

You know it shouldn’t be possible, so how are you making it possible?” I sort of overlooked this. It was only the fact that people keep asking me that I realize, “Oh yeah, there is something going on.”

How Do I Do It?

I’m going to try and explain it as best as possible how it all works and how it works for me. My hope is that maybe you’re going to get an aha moment from this and go, “Ah, do you know what? I can actually do some of this.”

This isn’t rocket science because I promise you, if I can do it, you certainly can do it.

This isn’t about being super organized. I am not super organized, right?

If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you that straightaway. The amount of times that she keeps going, “Have you seen the time? Ahhh.” Thank God I have her. I’m not super organized, right?

Let’s kill that myth straightaway.

I’m also not, I am not one of these people who’s up at 5:00 in the morning pumping weights and doing that, that’s not me.

I’m crowbarred out of the bed at half seven if I’m lucky, “Get out,” yeah?

I do recognize that I am doing a few things a bit differently, and it’s nothing that you can’t do, nothing at all.

If I explain my philosophy, that’s probably the handiest.

I sort of imagine life as actually … Do you have a pen there? The one in the corner is perfect, yeah. Woo, I caught it, I caught it.

I’ve got a philosophy in life, which is all around like having a glass jar.

We all have this jar, right?

That’s life, that’s the 24 hours you have each day, right? You got a pile of tasks and a pile of things you want to squeeze out of that jar.

You got this guy and this guy, these are the really important things, yeah?

These are all the big stuff you want. I want to spend time with my family. I want to have a great career. I want to be healthy. I want to enjoy my life and live it, yeah?

I want great friends and great relationships, the really important things. But I have to do a whole pile of other stuff.

I’ve got this stuff going on.

All these, loads of them, small little tasks, loads and loads of them, yeah? There are things that, yeah, I have to do just to keep going in life.

I have to buy a shirt and iron it. I have to fill up the car with petrol.

At work, there’s meetings I have to attend, whether I like to or not, yeah? I know they’re not that important, but I need to do them just to keep going so that I can do this stuff.

Then lastly, I have thousands of these things going on, yeah? You’ve got them too.

Loads and loads, and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of little tiny things that just eat time.

There’s me watching television, yeah? There’s me on Facebook when I shouldn’t be, yeah?

There are loads of those little things that are just dragging it out, yeah? Here’s the problem. Unless you plan to fill … T

hese all have to go into this glass jar because again, I’ve only got 24 hours in the day, right? I can’t have them falling out the edge, so I got to try and fit all of these things into the jar.

My Experience

Now, listen carefully. Here is the thing that when it hit me it changed my world.

It was many, about 15 years ago, no, it was more than that. I was on a training course in Ford as an engineer and when you’re young and you know everything.

“I’m on this training course because there’s a few friends of mine in this training course, going to be cool because I don’t want to learn anything, I know it all.”

That was me.

I remember the person sort of stood up, she’s explaining a very similar concept about fitting stuff in.

This is very much in the work environment. This sort of sketch, analogy, still stuck with me, and here’s why.

She actually didn’t have a sketch, she actually had a glass jar.

She put in all of the small stuff, so loads of small stuff, right? Yeah? Da, da, da, da. All of this stuff, and she had bits of sand and she had bits of gravel, loads of small stones, yeah? They were all around there.

Then she had a few of these big things. She got one in and she got two in, and that was it, there was no room for any more of these things at all, right, no room in the jar.

She said, “That’s what happens if you don’t look at what you’re doing.” You, you’re going, “I don’t get it. You’re filling up a jar with sand and stones. What are you trying to say?” That was me.

Then she drew another diagram, so same diagram again, right?

Same diagram, exact same diagram.

This time she said something very different. She took the stones, the big important things, and she put them in first of all.

Same diagram, this is a real glass jar she did it, she put them in.

Then she got the small, these guys, and she put all of them in.

Some of these started falling down in-between the cracks, yeah? Yeah? Then she got the sand and put all the sand in. That sort of went down between the cracks. Yeah? Like that.

She fitted all of this stuff into the jar in this second example, the stuff that was overflowing in the first jar.

The only thing she did differently was she put in the big stuff first.

Then, the penny dropped, the penny dropped.

If you look out for the big stuff, if you get them prioritized and you get them fitted into your life, all this other stuff will actually flow around it and fill in.

To prove the point at the end she said, “Okay …” She had a glass or a jug of water.

She then poured the jug of water on top of all of this to here.

Her point was, not only did you fit all the stuff in here that you didn’t fit in the first time, you fit it all in and then you managed to put all of this water in as well.

Because the water just goes down in and fills the gaps as well. You’re there going, “Ahh, I get it, I now get it.”

Prioritising Is Critical

Prioritizing is critical to what you get out of your day and what you get out of your life.

Because what you get out of your day today, right today, is going to affect what you get out of this week, which is going to affect what you get out of this month, which is going to affect what you get out of this year, which is going to affect what you get out of the next 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, your life.

Prioritize the big things, prioritize the things that are most important to you and that will allow all the other little things to just happen.

When I look back, the last two weeks has been insane for me, absolutely insane.

I had to go and design and deliver a course, brand new from scratch, that’s three or four days’ work.

I had meetings with some very senior divisional vice presidents at one of my other jobs and had to prepare all of that as well.

Another job, we had to train about 20,000 managers. Yeah, so this huge project that we’re training loads and loads of people on, that’s all kicking off.

In the middle of that, three days away with scouts, so we had to organize the food, you have to organize the transportation, make sure we’ve got all the meds, all of that type of thing, right, for them as well, and squeeze in these videos and all of that.

All of that type of stuff, squeezed in, but the only way that I’ve been able to do this is by focusing on these big things first, putting them into the jar first, prioritizing them in my life.

Using my calendar to say here, write in the calendar, “Here’s the four hours that I am going to design the course. Here’s the four hours I’m going to prepare for that meeting.”

All those other little things, those phone calls and those little things that are all going in all the time, let them filter on around them.

That’s it.

Can you do this? Yeah? Of course, you can, absolutely, of course you can.

My challenge for you is for the next week, is just figure out what your big, important things are and prioritize them.

Get them in your calendar first. Get them into your calendar first.

If you can’t control your calendar, you’ve got a boss who’s micromanaging you, figure out a way to do these things early in the morning, late at night, but get them done.

Everything else will sort itself out around that, right?

I hope that really helps. That’s my big secret to pretending to be organized, pretending that I work harder than anyone else, because as you can see, I don’t.

It’s just a prioritizing thing, that’s all it is.

I really hope that helps, and I’ll talk to you next week.


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