Don’t Be A Bulldozer Business

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How you present your products to your customers could be killing your sales.

On this episode I talk about some really cool sales insights that many business owners just don’t get. Here are some crucial tactics to listen out for in this episode:

  • Find out the secret to selling
  • Find out why we don’t just buy products and services
  • And find out how to understand what your customer really needs

So listen here to find out why you shouldn’t be a bulldozer business.


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Hey, morning everyone and welcome to 7-Figure Business Secrets!

Hey, morning!

So, I’m just after dropping my daughter to her Irish dancing class.

Yes, you know, the “diddly-eye-dye” and the legs going everywhere. She’s been doing that for many, many years.

I’m just after dropping her off but that gives me a few minutes in the car to chat to you about a client of mine. Well actually he’s one of my coaching clients.

A Question

There came up a question there during the week and I thought, rather than respond in e-mail or give them a quick shout, what I’m going to do is I’m going to record the actual answer so that he can hear it, you can hear it and benefit from it.

It’s a really cool question that he had, or a cool problem that you’re probably facing as well. And basically, his problem …

Wow, that sun is bright. Is that better? No, we’ll leave it like that.

His question was very relevant.

Basically, he set up a business about a year and a half ago. He’s selling online clothing. That’s basically what he’s got going on.

He drives people to his site through advertising. He’s got a few other things going on and a few affiliates and a bit on Amazon. There’s a Fruugo website as well.

So that’s basically how he’s working his business.

His question was very interesting. Basically, he started growing pretty rapidly and then, it just stopped. It’s almost flat-lined. It’s at about the 150, just over $150,000 coming out of it, but it’s completely flat-lined.

His question was, “What’s going on?”

Anyway, I had a quick look at the guy’s website. I’m not going to mention his name, so I’ll be able to speak pretty freely about it and what I observed.

Again, this is my observation and I might be completely wrong. But, I’m probably not because what I’m seeing on his website, I typically see in many other places.

Normally, if you do a few tweaks to it, sales start going off again.

The Problem Was….

Basically, the problem that I’m seeing with his website is that I logged on and It’s like a typical shopping site. It’s just full of pictures of clothes and pictures of T-shirts and pictures of jeans and pictures of everything else.

There’s no people on it.

It doesn’t feel as if it’s trying to do anything for me.

It’s like what I call, it’s a bulldozer business. It’s basically, “I’ve got products and services and I’m going to push them on you.”

Well, guess what?

Us humans, we don’t operate very well with bulldozer businesses.

We’re very touchy, feely-type people.

We like to know that other people buy this stuff and that you’ve actually got this stuff for me and that ideally you bought it directly for me.

If you go into a shop and all there are is black T-shirts. You walk in and it’s basically, “Hey, pick one of those over there.”

That’s not great.

The Secret to Great Selling

But if you went into a shop full of T-shirts and the shop assistant comes up to you and said, “Hey, Keith. I’ve got your favorite color green T-shirt just over here,” pulls it out and hands it to me.

Do you know what, I’m going to buy it.

I’m not just going to turn around and walk out of the store because in my head, I’m thinking this person actually knows me a little bit, took a bit of interest in me and figured out not just that I want to buy a product because none of us buy products, newsflash.

I was actually in there to buy something for me, like my favorite green T-shirt because I like my favorite green and it makes me look green. Or, it makes me look good. Probably also makes me look green.

That’s the secret to actually selling.

It’s not some mad, magical formula.

It’s that we don’t buy products and services.

What we buy is the result that those products and services is going to give us.

It’s very difficult when you just see a T-shirt in a picture or a pair of jeans to try and put yourself in the position and say, “Oh, yeah. If I am wearing that T-shirt, it looks really good.” Or, “I’d look good on me.” Or, “It’ll impress my wife.”

That’s why the really good retailers, they use mannequins or they use models.

Because then you go, “Okay, that person looks really good in that T-shirt. Hence, I will look really good in that T-shirt.”

If you’re selling a service, it’s the same thing.

The famous saying, “People don’t buy drills, they buy holes.”

They want the end result.

If you’re buying a service, don’t tell them all about the features of this service and what you’re going to do for them.

Tell them what they’re going to experience at the end and do it in such a way that they will actually understand that you’ve taken the time and the consideration, ideally to figure out what it’s going to do just for them, but at least, at the very minimum, for people in their situation, so that you understand them.

My Advice

So back to my client, who was looking at his website.

Stop being a bulldozer business.

You’ve got to personalize your website. You’ve got to make it so that it appeals to someone that actually you’re treating them as a human being. They’ve arrived at this website and it’s all about them. It’s about, “Hey these are the types of clothes just for you. Look, here’s people who look a bit like you.”

So for me, 40-year-olds. I lie. I’m older than 40. 40-year-olds there with the clothes and looking really cool and trendy. That’ll appeal to me much more than a picture of a T-shirt.

And also, worry about the things, or at least identify and answer the questions that I have or potentially would be worrying about, as well.

T-shirts, will it last? Answer my questions. That’s the questions that are going on in my head.

And newsflash, jeans. You’ve got them on your website, right? Yeah, but what happens if I pull them on? I don’t know if they fit right. How do I know when jeans actually fit right, other than I have to ask my wife and she tells me? It’s not just about sizes.

You’ve got a great article on this size equals that size and you take returns and everything, but returns is a hassle. I’d much rather know when I … I know my sizes roughly, but I’d much rather know that this is the type of jeans that suits this type of build or you know, think about me or at least make it appear that you’ve thought about people like me.

Understand Your Customer

So, the message for all of us is, when we’re actually trying to sell out there, whatever it is our products and services, we need to just make sure that we’re coming across, not just fake but genuinely coming across that we understand the customer that we’re trying to sell to.

Ideally, on a one-on-one basis.

And, that we’ve thought about exactly what it is that they are concerned about and they’re worried about and we speak to them in their language and we present our products and services so that they, our customers, understand the benefits that they’re going to get out of it and can see themselves either wearing our products or using our services. Right?

I hope that helps.

Go and have a look at your websites or just walk into your shop and have a look around.

And if you are a new customer to your shop or you’re an existing customer, would you feel comfortable there?

Would you identify areas of the shop that are specifically for them or areas of the website that are specifically for them?

Go and have a look at it because that could well be why your business is not growing the way it should be or it’s not taking off at a massive rate.


Cool, right.

That’s your job for the next few days.

Talk to you in a few day’s time. See you!


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